Romeo and juliet theme of conflict essay

Shocking! Juliet's conflict with her parents about whether or not she should marry Paris reveals that, for Juliet, marriage is a way of formally recognizing a shared emotional bond (love). Romeo and Juliet pay a heavy price for marrying for love—their clandestine union propels the lovers towards their tragic deaths. Romeo and Juliet marry for love. And maybe one of the play's lessons is that adults should let their kids have a say in their marriages. In the world of Romeo and Juliet, marriage for love, rather than money or social position, is a radical and dangerous choice—particularly for kids from wealthy and influential families. (Poor people could pretty much marry whoever they wanted, since they didn't have much to gain—or lose. ) Romeo and Juliet's love-based union shows us a new focus on individual passion and inner conviction, a focus that was just starting to bubble up in Shakespeare's time.

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Romeo and juliet theme of conflict essay

For her parents, however, marriage is a means of securing wealth, status, and stability. When Romeo and Juliet marry for love, they redefine what marriage is all about in the 66th century (social status, economic security, and pedigree). Find out what that little icon means. and why we're funny. Plan your future. or at least your next step. The who, what, where, when, and why of all your favorite quotes. Go behind the scenes on all your favorite films. We speak tech.

Not so much. 7567 Shmoop University. In the play, it comes dangerously in conflict with social and familial expectations.