Differential sar adc thesis

In this thesis, a novel dynamic comparator is proposed and implemented using the low power SAR ADC architecture. The process is optimized for 5 Volts mixed-signal application according to the foundry. Use the link below to access a full citation record of this graduate work: your library subscribes to the ProQuest Dissertations Theses (PQDT) Global database is the most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses in the world. It has a 8 metal layers and 7 poly layers, and a high resistance layer. It is the database of record for graduate research. PQDT Global combines content from a range of the world's premier universities - from the Ivy League to the Russell Group. The typical threshold voltages for NMOS and PMOS are 5. 8 and -5. 9, respectively.

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A bootstrapping technique is used within the sample-and-hold circuit to ensure simplicity and low power operation with a sufficient bandwidth. Theses
With nearly 9 million records, the ProQuest Dissertations The higher degree of dispersion from the binary-weighted capacitor array is used in the design to improve the mismatch error. The design was fabricated using the ON-Semi C5N process. Differential sar adc thesis.

Theses (PQDT) database, you may be entitled to a free electronic version of this graduate work. Of the nearly 9 million graduate works included in the database, ProQuest offers more than 7. 5 million in full text formats. If not, you will have the option to purchase one, and access a 79 page preview for free (if available). About ProQuest Dissertations More than 95,555 dissertations and theses are added to the database each year. If you have questions, please feel free to visit the ProQuest Web site - - or contact ProQuest Support. The dynamic latched-comparator reduces the power consumption and its PMOS and NMOS differential input pairs provide the rail-to-rail input range. Of those, over 6. 7 million are available in PDF format.