Application letter for cancellation of admission in college Plainville

7567. Hence, I have decided to cancel the mentioned card immediately. Payment to the balance shall be made when this cancellation request is acknowledged and the final outstanding amount is confirmed and conveyed to me. A Credit card cancellation letter is written by an individual who does not want to continue with the services of a credit card currently in his possession. With this cancellation, I confirm that I have no other American Xpress cards in my possession and no transactions are to be made on my behalf with this cancellation letter. I am waiting to hear from you quickly to settle this issue. Yours sincerely, Mary StalloneSample Letters The individual writes to inform the credit card issuer his intention to stop using his credit card and requests for an official cancellation to avoid fraud and extra service charges. Mary Stallone677 Pine Avenue
Reston, MD 757767 January, 7566Credit Card OfficerAmerican Xpress7977 Pringle Street
Washington, VA 79885To Whom It May ConcernRE: Cancellation of Credit CardThis letter is written to inform you formally that I am requesting a cancellation of my American Xpress credit card, number 99875-79888, with immediate effect. I have experienced some bad service from your card center recently about my card’s transactions which I am most unhappy with.

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